Can Cannabis Improve Your Sex Life?

Can Cannabis Improve Your Sex Life?

Whether you’re looking to go from 0 to 60 in bed or curious whether cannabis can enhance your already active sex life, you stand to gain from learning about the relationship between cannabis and sex.

For some, thinking about their sex life is a frustrating topic. Whether caused by a lacking sexual libido or discomfort in the bedroom, frustrations from sex lead many to seek out  supplements and even medication to help give their sexual appetite a boost. Yet there is another substance that could be linked with a better sex life: cannabis. In fact, recent research has linked cannabis consumption with an improvement in sex life. But how is that? What is it about cannabis that has the potential ability to give a person's libido a boost.


Cannabis Consumers Have More Sex

Studies have shown that those who consume cannabis on a regular basis have more frequent sexual episodes compared to those who don't include cannabis in their daily regimen. One study published in 2017 polled over 50,000 adults and discovered that those who consume cannabis engaged in sexual activity much more often than those who do not.

According to the researchers with the study, consuming cannabis appears to be strongly associated with a boost in sexual activity without weakening or impeding on sexual function (at relatively low doses). Women who consume cannabis on a weekly basis were found to have 34 percent more sex compared to women who didn't consume it, and men who consume cannabis every week were 22 percent more likely to engage in sex compared to men who didn't.   

 While the data collected was self-reported, the researchers were still able to look at all the different groups that took into consideration race, marital status, and education level. They found the same link between cannabis consumption and sexual frequency across all groups. Although this data shows a positive correlation, not causation, between cannabis and a healthy sex life, it is statistically significant and encouraging.

Cannabis May Enhance Orgasms

Orgasms are an important part of pleasurable sexual experiences, and there may be a link between the consumption of cannabis and enhanced orgasms. According to one study in particular published in The Journal of Sexual Medicine, there may be a relationship between orgasms and the release of chemicals of the body's endocannabinoid system, which behave much like cannabinoids found in cannabis.

by Mell Green

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