Stoners Rejoice! We asked 4 bud tenders at Herban Legends what their favorite weed products are.

From left to right: Juan, Patrick, Liam and Rik

From left to right: Juan, Patrick, Liam and Rik

Picking out the right cannabis product can sometimes be a daunting decision. That's why we asked 4 experts behind our counter at Herban Legends for their recommendations on great products you might want to try yourself. Want to browse more of our selection and even pre-order online? Check out our full menu here.



"I Like Lodi Dodi from Soul Shine. It's an 80/20 Sativa dominant hybrid strain. I really enjoy hiking around the ...Pacific northwest. We have world class hiking around here and it gives me a lot of energy. So if I am hiking, or working out it gives me energy."


Rik Rude

My first product is gonna be the Happy Apple. It's a cannabis based apple cider. It's 10mg per serving and super crisp and refreshing with a maintainable high. It's a great alternative if you are at the recording studio or watching a football game. You might not want to drink alcohol. Just drink a weed infused cider. It's perfect! My second product I chose is the 1 to 1 cbd to thc topical gel by CPC. I like this product for aches and pains and it's anti-inflammatory properties and I use it all the time. 



I like the Ethos serum, RSO Evolved 1000mg. It's the loophole in the system. No more buying 10mg edibles. Just buy this. You can put it in any edible. You can put it in buffalo wings, you can put it in fettuccini alfredo, or you can just eat it straight up. My second product (because I couldn't choose just one) is the Bond sensual oil. I love this and it elevates intimate experiences for sure.



My product is the MK Ultra by Virginia Co. It's a flower. It's probably one of the strongest indicas on the market right now. It's a straight knockout. It's got a nice skunk flavor and smell to it. I love it. I've never once been able to stay awake from it. It's a decent flower for a really good price.

Check out all these products and more on our  online menu!

Check out all these products and more on our online menu!

Have you ever wanted to learn more about our awesome products? Maybe get some info straight from the producer and get the inside scoop? Want to try some free samples and maybe even get a little cool swag? Well then our vendor days are for you!

Join us from 3-6pm on our vendor days to meet the vendors, learn the products and try the samples. Here are just a few of our upcoming vendor days:

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Urban Legend @ Herban Legends

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